The Skyscraper Technique to skyrocket your success

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AgileLeanLife Framework is not only about implementing agile development and lean startup techniques into your personal life to increase productivity and be more successful. It’s also about other good business practices that can take your performance and quality of life to the next level. So let’s look at quite a popular technique from internet marketing that you can also use in different areas of your life. It’s called the Skyscraper technique.

The Skyscraper technique in content marketing suggests that you find a good piece of content from your competitor or somewhere else (the so-called linkable asset), you make it multiple times better and share it with the right people. It’s in human nature to be attracted to the best, and if you make a better piece of content, people will rush straight to your website.

It’s in human nature to be attracted to the best. So be the best in what you do.

Your content must really be multiple times better in order for the technique to work. You must create content so good and useful that people can’t help but share it, link it and recommend it to other people. You have to produce the best piece of content on a specific topic ever. You shouldn’t just copy, paste and improve a content slightly. You should take the content to a completely new level.

There are many ways how you can do that. You can make the content longer, more up-to-date, you can add videos, templates, checklists, you can design it better, you can make content more thorough or relevant. There are numerous options for taking the content to a completely new level.

After you prepare and publish your piece of content, you share it with people who already showed interest in the topic on other sites, where the content you decided to improve had been published. There’s a great chance people will be interested in your improved version, will use and share it. Because they already showed interest in the topic before. It’s simple math.

The main problem with the Skyscraper technique in internet marketing is that it works best if you already have an authority domain and a trusted site. It never gives very good results to newbies and they’re the ones who are often disappointed. Because you first need strong foundations and then a lot of persistence in order for the strategy to work. You can’t just build a skyscraper over night.

The Skyscraper idea in content marketing is not something new, it’s a very well-known technique ever since business world exists. Many people get their business idea by looking at some product or service and improving it somehow. There are so many ways for how to do it. You can make it bigger or smaller, faster or lighter, cheaper or based on a different business model, and so on.

If you’d like to start your own business, this may be a great way to start. Find a product or service that already works and brainstorm on how to take it to the next level. With all the competition today, making a product slightly better is rarely enough. You have to make it a gazillion times better. But if you can’t imagine something that doesn’t exist yet at all (usually disruptive technologies), this may be a good way to start.

The Skyscraper Tehnique

The Skyscraper technique in your personal life

You can also use the Skyscraper technique in your personal life very well. The idea is pretty simple. You go straight for the best knowledge in a certain life area you want to improve. Then by experimenting, trying, brainstorming, connecting new patterns, thinking outside the box and forgetting best practices (in the search mode), you make it several times better.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, of course. You have to set strong foundations first. You have to become extremely passionate about something. You have to brutally focus yourself and push through all the obstacles and C.R.A.P. – criticism, rejections, assholes and pressure. But this is how you make rapid improvements in life and level up your game. It may take years to build a skyscraper and you can do it only with a long-term view in mind.

This is how legacies are built. You find a drastically better way of doing something, implement it into your own life and share it with others. You make it a new standard on the market.

Look at the problems you have in life, the goals you want to achieve, the causes you want to fight for. Health, wealth, poverty, love, technology, internet content, you name it. There are so many problems in your personal life and in the world in general that you can solve way better than how they’re currently solved. Analyze and study all current solutions. Commit yourself to making a solution that’s a gazillion times better. Use every single brain cell to come up with the most creative solutions possible.

Well, you can also use the Skyscraper technique in a less revolutionary way. You can simply build an adjusted or updated solution for your own problems, systems and processes that work better for you personally and share it with other people. Who knows, maybe you’ll get the first follower, the second one, and then a little tribe that will use your own formula for success. It’s a total win-win, you will dramatically improve your life, help other people and maybe even get rich by sharing it.

Practical examples

Let’s look at a few practical examples.

Do you want to lose weight? Study the most popular dieting and exercising techniques, test them, find where the main problems are, find better solutions, implement them into your life and then share them with others (for money or not, as you wish).

Do you want to be an exceptional investor? Study all other successful investors, different investment strategies, find the things that work for you and meet you targeted ROI, and then teach others with the same or similar investing mindset how to do it. Or just enjoy your yields.

Do you want to have better relationships? Despite all the books on how to have a good partnership, an average relationship is still more of a relationsh*t. Sit down and agree with your spouse that you will analyze all the current recommendations, test them, invent new ones and make the best guideline for couples on how to effectively communicate. You will have a better relationship, you will have lots of fun and you can actually influence millions of people with your findings.

Do you want to start your own business? As already mentioned, think of all the products and services you could make a gazillion times better. Go to your garage and start prototyping. Start creating, testing, experimenting, talking to your potential customers and so on.

Are you pissed off after reading an article or a comment on the internet? Well, write a detailed and argumented analysis that will be eye-opening for people, and present a whole new different perspective on something. Much better than posting hateful comments.

Whatever you want to achieve, think of the current best practices and how things could be done better. In some cases a little better, in others a gazillion times better. Forget best practices. There’s no such thing as a good practice, only things to innovate and do better. And you have all the needed creative and mental capacity to do it better.

Whatever you want to achieve, study biographies, different strategies, talk to the smartest and most successful people, and then forget about best practices. Test, experiment, learn and find a gazillion better way to do something. Of course, you have to do it in a smart, scientific and systematic way. It’s not an easy task. But it’s a definitely a way and a mindset that can contribute a lot to your life and to the world.

Start building your own skyscrapers!

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