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About: Data-driven personal development

The purpose of this blog is to help you become the best version of yourself and live an extraordinary life by applying data-driven personal development tactics as your core life strategy and superior decision-making system.

Data-driven personal development simply means that you make important life decisions based on evidence and actionable metrics (data), not merely based on your intuition, limited insights that we all have or even social pressure and untested assumptions.

Ultimately, wrong assumptions are the mother of all fu*k-ups. You especially don’t want to put faith in untested assumptions and limited insights about your important life decisions. You only live once and you have to get it right the first time.

The AgileLeanLife blog introduces a completely new approach for making key life decisions and a quantum leap from traditional “fast-result” personal development ideas and misleading one-sided views to a more holistic, scientific and systematic body of knowledge and tools.

AgileLeanLife - Top 75 Personal Development Blogs

The AgileLeanLife blog won several awards.

That all sounds cool, but what does it really mean? Here are a few examples:

Should you go to college or not?

The headlines of the most popular articles on the internet are usually something like “10 Reasons why you should never go to college” or “You will always be a loser without a degree”. Both topics definitely defend very extreme and limited beliefs.

Whether you should go to college or not depends on many factors, from what your career goals are and how expensive formal education in your country is to what kind of value added a degree has for your career goals, and so on.

What diet should you follow?

If we go from formal education to health, the headlines of the most popular articles are usually something like “Cure yourself of all diseases by eating raw” or “Paleo diet is the best diet on the planet”. But much like the example above, those are very one-sided and extreme beliefs.

By far the best approach for you is to find a diet that suits you best based on your DNA, digestive system, climate factors, exercise goals, access to quality food, budget and several other factors.

Should you start your own business?

Let’s look at one more example. Headlines of the most popular business advice articles are usually something like “Why you should never get a job and become a corporate slave!” or “10 Reasons why you should never start your own business”. But those are, for the third time, very extreme arguments that shouldn’t really influence how you make decisions about your career.

Whether you should start a business or not depends on many factors, like how many inner resources (competences) and outer resources (money) you have, what the market trends are, how good of an idea you have, how hard you’re prepared to work in the following years, whether you have access to the right people to build a dream team, and so on.

Catchy headlines and extreme points of view definitely attract attention and a lot of readers, and quick solutions are often very tempting, but you should never make your key life decisions based solely on that kind of advice.

Most often than not, that kind of content should only hold entertainment value for you. If you have time for that. What you really need is a bulletproof framework and system to make important life decisions. And the AgileLeanLife blog is going to help you with that extensively. Here’s how:

Six elements that make this blog completely different

Extraordinary results in life demand an extraordinary approach. That’s what this blog is all about. Having a superior strategy for a superior quality of life.

Below, you can find six elements of the AgileLeanLife data-driven personal development approach that differentiate this blog from any other personal development blogs or books you’ll find.

The main benefit of this six elements is that you go straight to the top.

AgileLeanLife Difference Scientific Approach

Scientific approach to personal development

A scientific approach to personal development means a lot of experimenting, testing and exploring in order to find the solution that fits you best as an individual.

What works for one person doesn’t work for somebody else. You must find what works for you and this blog will help you.

AgileLeanLife Difference Scientific Data and Technology

Data, technology and validated learning

You can manage only the things that you measure. Personal development is no exception. With all the new apps and technologies, quantifying yourself has become really easy.

That means a lot of dashboards, spreadsheets and different applications to actually measure your progress.

AgileLeanLife Difference Emotions

Emotions are the key to growth

Measuring hard-core data with dashboards is only one part of the equation. The other, much harder and important part is the emotional aspect of personal development.

Only paying attention to your emotions with emotional accounting can bring real progress and enable you to live a happy life.

AgileLeanLife Difference Scientific Observation to Action

Observation to immediate action

You have to quantify yourself to measure real progress, but you also have to analyze and observe your environment.

To really succeed, you have to be constantly gathering feedback from your environment and adjusting your life strategy accordingly.

AgileLeanLife Difference Scientific The Best Knowledge

Integrating the best knowledge there is

Science is advancing faster than ever before. The highest number of scientists in the world is alive today and we’re capturing and producing more scientific data than ever.

For that, it’s essential to integrate the best knowledge into personal development ideas, from statistical data to a scientific background in psychology, sociology, biology and other sciences. And the best known practices.

AgileLeanLife Difference Best business practices

Applying the best business (agile, lean) practices

All the previously mentioned differentiators have roots in the best business practices known to man today, which are the so-called “lean startup” and “agile development” techniques.

There are many parallels between business and personal lives, even if it doesn’t seem that way at the first glance. This blog will teach you how to apply lean and agile practices into your personal life in order to really succeed.

As you will see, an extensive part of this blog is dedicated to applying agile and lean techniques into your personal life.

What is actually the secret sauce?

The key to a more successful life is nothing but having and living a superior strategy. Are you now wondering what the life strategy is?

Your life strategy is shaped by your decisions about where and how you spend your time, energy, money, skills and other resources. It is especially influenced by your beliefs, values, outlooks and even your talents and habits.

If you want to be successful in life, you simply need a superior strategy and system. You have to make the right decisions about what to focus on and where to invest your resources for the highest yields.

That is the secret sauce of all successful people. A few people are born (or, better yet, raised) with such a mindset and strategy, everyone else has to build it for themselves. This blog will help you do exactly that.

Here is the summary, the pitch for this site:

AgileLeanLife(tm) is a blog about data-driven personal development techniques and the best ways for you to reach an entirely new level of personal performance with the final goal to at least double your productivity, happiness, wealth and energy levels.

AgileLeanLife(tm) is a system that improves your odds of success by taking a scientific approach to personal development and by implementing agile development, lean startup and other advanced business techniques and other practices with a scientific background into everyday personal life.

Much more than just theory

A very important part of the data-driven personal development approach is to help you understand the scientific context and the real cause of a problem you’re facing.

In addition to that, it gives you the best knowledge available, the creative ideas and holistic tools to tackle the problem at its core, find the right solution and implement it with long-term results.

An individualized solution for you and you only, based on your specific situation in life and your personal goals. This unique and holistic approach to personal development makes every article on this blog much more than just theory.

You will find many different templates, practical examples, life experiment ideas and other materials to download and they will help you to immediately implement the acquired knowledge, start improving your life and make steps towards living your dream life.

These badges will help you identify the ways of applying the acquired knowledge to practice:


I guess nobody likes homework from school times, but sometimes you just have to do it if you want the greatest possible benefit after reading certain content.

Usually doing homework is what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. So make sure you do your homework when you stumble upon the homework sign along the articles.

Practical examples

Practical examples use real-life cases to show very clearly how a certain theory can be applied or how it usually influences your life, often without you even realizing it.

With practical examples, you can understand the new perspective better and thus apply better solutions to your life more easily.

Life experiment ideas

Life experiment ideas are all the different ideas you can test in your life in order to change your behavioral patterns and habits to better. If they work for you, you persevere, if not, you can pivot.

With everything life offers today, you simply have to find what works best for you, by experimenting, testing and observing it for yourself.


Templates are different spreadsheets, word documents and PDFs you can download for free. Their main purpose is to help you apply theory to your own life on a practical basis in the best possible way. They are like a step by step guide helping you put knowledge into practice.

Topics covered and the focus of this blog

Personal development is quite a broad topic. Fortunately, in many cases improving one life area positively influences many other areas.

If you start exercising, for example, you have more energy to work harder, you become more attractive, you enjoy better sex, and so on. That important fact was taken in consideration when choosing the core categories and topics of this blog.

That is to say, the content of this blog focuses primarily on all the areas that have the biggest influence on your overall quality of life and that indirectly lead to improvements in as many other life areas as possible. Here they are:

AgileLeanLife Topics Emotions

Emotions and relationships

The number one thing in order to be happy and succeed in life is to understand and properly manage your emotions and have fulfilling relationships.

Without that, you can’t be happy, your productivity will suffer along with all other life areas, especially in the long run. This blog will teach you how to really listen to and understand your emotions, and how to build outstanding relationships.

AgileLeanLife Topics Goals

Personal productivity and goals

The world is moving faster and faster. That means that you have to move fast if you want to be successful in life. You have to find what you want in life as soon as possible (with the search mode), stay adaptable about how you’ll get there and then go get it (execution mode).

To move as fast as possible, you simply need a superior (agile and lean) personal management system. Here, you will learn how.

AgileLeanLife Topics Resources

Acquiring the inner and outer resources

An important part of happy and successful living is having enough resources. Internal resources are all the things like knowledge, skills, experiences etc.;

With inner resources, you can always create outer resources such as wealth and status. You need to know how to acquire and enjoy both.

AgileLeanLife Topics Career and Business

Career and business

You’re here on this planet to grow, enjoy and contribute. Doing business and building a successful career are the best ways for contributing to the society.

The more value you create, the more society respects you and the more money you can make. Here you will learn how to maximize your creation, delivery and capturing of value in a non-dominant way, and enjoy a successful career.

AgileLeanLife Topics Health

Health, energy levels and self-esteem

Without health and high levels of energy, your quality of life definitely suffers. There are many small and big things you can do exclusively for yourself, to have a healthy body you’re proud of and great energy levels.

Good health also goes great together with high self-confidence and strong self-esteem. You’ll learn many tricks for achieving all that in different blog posts.

AgileLeanLife Topics Decisions

Managing tough life situations and making decisions

Success in life is about making the right small decisions day by day, like what to eat, should you read or watch television etc., and a few big decisions that have an enormous influence on your life, like should you break up, which industry to work in etc.

Life decisions are often tough decisions and you need adequate knowledge and a system for how to decide in situations like that.

AgileLeanLife Topics Trends

Understanding the environment and trends

The most successful people understand how important an environment they operate in is, and how important the market and social trends are.

If you want to be successful in life, you have to be in the right place at the right time, surrounded by the right people. This blog will help you identify the trends that can skyrocket your success and build an environment that will always support you.

AgileLeanLife Topics Success

Living a successful life in the new creative society

Today, we live in the so-called creative society, with many benefits, like easy access to information, longevity etc.

But besides the many pros, the new age also brought several cons, like having too many options in life, unrealistic expectations, facing information overload, extreme market complexity and high uncertainty. This blog will teach you how to cope with all that and really enjoy the new age.

Interesting. I want to know more about the new age.

Most blog posts also tackle and include scientific discoveries from many other fields, from technology, spirituality, fun, creativity, psychology, biology, sociology, history and other major sciences.

Every blog post strives to be as holistic, detailed, practical and action-oriented as possible.

Followed rules

Here are some general blog rules I follow when writing the blog posts:

  • Only mind-blowing content: Eye-opening, life-changing and as unique as possible. Period.
  • Applicable knowledge: Templates, real life examples, homework you should do, experiment ideas and other downloadable assets.
  • Guideline tone: Always clearly presenting what you will learn in a blog post, the key takeaways and the next steps you should take.
  • Premium business model: Most of the content is free for you to read, but there are also many premium products you’re always welcome to buy.

Where to start

The blog is really well structured and organized, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding quality content that you like and that can help you with success in your life. Nevertheless, there is more and more content on the page, so here are a few great ways to start:

  1. Archives
  2. Free giveaways
  3. The most popular articles
  4. Tracks

1. Archives

In the archives section, you can browse all the articles by topic and headline. Just select the area of your life that you’d like to improve, and start reading awesome content. Some titles may be repeated if they’re posted in more categories, but that kind of practice is generally avoided.

2. Free giveaways

You can start by downloading many free templates, guides and eBooks. If you’d like to dive straight into exercises, this section is where you should start.

3. The most popular articles on the blog

The ten most popular articles currently on the blog are:

  1. A success guide for all introverts
  2. The big difference between smart work and hard work
  3. The superior guide to email management
  4. Cognitive distortion and negative thinking
  5. Your life strategy
  6. The best relationship advice ever
  7. The best trics and techniques for relieving stress fast
  8. The proven ways to stop taking things personally
  9. Valley of Death – Wehre your dream go to die
  10. Attention span – the ultimate advantage today
  11. Positive orientation towards your past
  12. Living in the present moment
  13. Formula for success cracked
  14. Life metrics and how to define success in life
  15. The real secrets to outstanding communication
  16. Real-life examples of self-sabotage at its best
  17. How to manipulate procrastination like a pro
  18. Why you will never find happiness in life
  19. How to read more every day, a lot more
  20. To thrive build yourself motivational environemnt

4. Personal development tracks

The concept of personal development tracks is the systemized, structured and recommended order of articles you should follow for a specific personal development topic, so you can really learn it step by step and in great detail.

If you’re prepared to invest a substantial amount of your time into mastering a certain topic of personal development in the data-driven way, tracks are where you should start.

The personal development tracks you can currently choose from:

New tracks coming soon:

  • Psychology
  • Money management and investing
  • Web development track

Be sure to bookmark this site so you can return to it again and again.

That’s what this blog is all about. Enjoy reading the blog!