God mode and the perfect human state

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The god mode is a type of cheat in video games that makes your character invulnerable and invincible. The idea is not used only in games – even in Windows, you can create a god mode icon to access the system’s different control panels in the same place to customize and maximize the performance of your computer. You can find a similar concept on Mac as well as different apps and services like Netflix.

The god mode is quite popular in the computer world. But what about real life, what would be the god mode in real life? Well, it’s pretty much the same idea.

God mode in real life is the feeling that you can achieve everything, going straight forward to your goals without a single millisecond of a doubt.

From time to time, I’m able to achieve that kind of a state. It’s not something unique that works only for me, because I know a few other people who do it as well. Unfortunately, it takes iron discipline and many other conditions need to be fulfilled for you to get yourself into god mode. Thus it’s usually a temporary state.

To be honest, it makes sense that you can’t feel like you’re in god mode all the time. That would make you kind of divine or maybe your life would even be boring. Like in games, if you play in god mode all the time, the game soon becomes no fun at all. Nevertheless, most people never experience that kind of a state and even if they do, they are able to play life in such a mode for an extremely short period of time. Too short.

For example, I put a lot of effort into designing my life to spend as much time as possible in god mode. I currently manage to spend 4 – 5 weeks per year in such a mode, which accounts to around 10%. And I put a lot of effort into achieving that. In the future, I want to increase that percentage to at least 30%.

In this blog post, I will share what I’ve learned so far about how to achieve god mode. But before I do that, let me describe how it feels to be in such a superior mode; so you can analyze whether you’ve experienced anything similar before.

How does it really feel to be in god mode

Being in god mode, hmm? You know, it gives you kind of god-like feelings, being able to seize life to the full, achieve everything you ever wanted and believe deep down without a doubt that life has prepared many exciting adventures for you to undertake.

You see yourself as an übermensch. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially and morally strong. You feel powerful, assertive, you feel extremely good in your own skin, you know exactly what you want, you have a strong sense of self and autonomy, and you go straight after your goals and needs in a respectful manner.

You have your inner smile reflected on your face, shining eyes full of passion and you cherish the day given to you with a strong will to create, enjoy life and grow. In god mode, you feel super confident, sharp, decisive, but also deeply connected to other people. You know that you are just the right distance away from your comfort zone – you’re in the learning zone, where you can learn, innovate and create value.

Being in god mode means that you are growth-oriented, you see all the abundance the world has to offer to you, you are positive, happy, problem-solving oriented, proactive, and conquer one goal after the other. You are disciplined, consistent, but also curious and playful.

The god mode is the perfect human state, something everyone should strive to achieve in life as many times as possible for as long as possible. There is one more important detail. You can only enter the god mode if you know that you achieved that kind of a state with your own hard work (no drugs can help).

The god mode

How to get yourself into the God mode

First of all, it’s important for you to know that the god mode state for humans exists in real life. Now, the second question is how to achieve such a state. To be honest, the way to achieve god mode greatly depends on every individual, from your genes to where you live and many other conditions. So you must search – experiment and test how to get yourself into the god mode.

It took me a decade of hard work and personal development to achieve that kind of a state for the first time. And as I mentioned, I can achieve it for a short period of time with a lot of effort. But it’s definitely worth it. It’s one of the best feelings ever.

Below are the conditions I know I have to meet to enter the god mode. There are probably more I haven’t discovered yet, since the state is so hard to achieve, so if I identify any new condition I will, of course, add it to the list. Even though achieving the god mode depends on every individual, I think many of the conditions below are universal.

Here they are (I know the list isn’t short):

  • Having full control over life
  • Following True North
  • Being healthy assertive
  • Getting enough sleep
  • The power of the sun
  • Spending time in nature
  • Regular exercise
  • Following a strict diet
  • Taking food supplements
  • Having enough material resources
  • Doing meaningful and creative work
  • Enjoying deep relationships
  • Sex can definitely help
  • Having strong faith

Full control over life

I think that the underlying condition for achieving god mode is to have full control over your life. That means having the right optimal mindset by focusing on the positive, managing your time as it suits you best, being aware of the power you always have in the present moment, and so on.

It definitely helps if you are your own boss, but it’s probably not mandatory, as long as you have a job you love and enough personal and creative freedom. But like in Windows god mode, you must be in a position to tweak your lifestyle and design your life as it really suits you best.

And you must experiment a lot to know what the real fits for you are in different life areas. You must know that there’s a difference between what you think will bring value to your life (assumptions) and what really does. Only with real life experience can you know how to design your life perfectly.

An important part of control is keeping all the flexibility about where you will go next. Your needs, goals and optimal life settings change all the time (also together with your environment), and you must keep the control to find the optimal setup for your life in every specific moment (in the lean and agile way).

For example, the perfect setup for you at some point may be to work from home, at another to get work done in a co-working office and then a period may come when having an office full of people you work with is the perfect environment for you. You can’t be in god mode without the perfect setup.

Following your True North

There are only two options in life, either you follow your True North or you don’t. You can’t be approximately on the right path. The answer can only be yes or no. Deep down, you always know very well if you are on the right path or not.

It’s impossible to enter god mode if you aren’t doing the things you were born to do. Every god in Greek or Roman mythology was born for certain responsibilities (for example, Poseidon to master the waters). In the same way, you were born to master a certain kind of work, practice a certain kind of sport, eat a certain kind of diet, and so on.

In life, I often followed my True North, I followed my heart and my calling and the things I was born to do, but I also often got scared and chose the safer or more conservative path that wasn’t meant for me. Whenever I wasn’t following my True North, no matter the money I earned and the cool people I worked with, I felt a little bit dead and very sad inside. I knew there was some place else where I should be. It’s a feeling far removed from the god mode.

There are zero chances for me or you to enter god mode if you are doing a job you hate or perform work you aren’t good at, if you spend time with wrong people who don’t support you, and if you aren’t following your life vision and mission.

Your True North, vision and mission aren’t written in stone, you must create them by yourself to a certain extent by searching and innovating; but deep down, you always know if you’re creating the right life masterpiece or not. You can’t fake it until you make it.

Being assertive

Right next to having full control over your life and following your True North, I would add being healthy assertive. You can’t be in god mode if your heart is filled with fear, if you’re scared to go after your goals and if you’re afraid of everyone and everything you meet on your journey. Gods aren’t hiding behind closed doors being afraid of everything.

In god mode, you are confident, you know you deserve to take up space under the sun and you walk boldly towards your goals, with straight posture and every step of yours is self-assured. You have no problem talking to people, forging new relationships, expressing your thoughts and feelings, and you see yourself as a highly valuable individual.

Nevertheless, you have to be assertive in a healthy way, not a greedy one. If you constantly get into quarrels or fights, if you see everyone as your competitor and you want to trample them down or control them, you aren’t in god mode, but more like an emotionally damaged and scared animal that wants to overpower everyone to not feel threatened.

When you are in god mode, you are high on testosterone (strength), but low on cortisol (stress). That means you go after your goals (testosterone), but in a calm, wise and integrative manner (low cortisol). Powerful and calm.

Enough sleep

It’s impossible to be in god mode if you aren’t well-rested and if you don’t get enough sleep. For me, that’s eight hours. Not eight and a half, not seven and a half, but exactly eight hours. I experimented a lot with different amounts of sleep and to enter god mode, I need eight hours of sleep many days in a row, so I’m really well-rested.

Whether I have the goal to get myself into god mode or not, I always make sure to get enough sleep. I’m much more productive throughout a day, I can think much more clearly, and it’s the only way for me to be really creative, calm and make good decisions. A lack of sleep always leads to being confused, operating on low energy levels and having a hard time expressing yourself.


One big condition for achieving god mode that’s unfortunately out of my control unless I change my location, is sunny weather. It seems like the sun can give special positive shades to the colors of life.

Sun is the one giving Superman power, and I guess it’s no different with me if I want to enter god mode.

That means achieving god mode during the summer is much easier than in winter. There are probably exceptions outside of summer time, but rare ones. I don’t ski, but I assume that skiing on a sunny day in the mountains can get you close to the god mode. But I was never able to achieve god mode when it was cloudy or raining for longer periods of time.

It would be awesome to surpass this limitation somehow.


Like I need sun to be in god mode, in the same way I must feel connected to nature. Spending time in nature is like a trigger for entering god mode. A walk in the woods, a swim in the sea, a morning climb to a hill or even doing a few body-weight exercises on a meadow is my trigger of god mode for me.

And it must be done daily. As soon as I lose connection with nature, I lose the god mode state. I can work for hours and hours afterwards using technology or doing any other work, but I need that initial trigger that gets me into the god mode. That’s done only by nature.

Well, even if you aren’t searching for your own way to god mode, spending time in nature is always very beneficial for you, so do it anyway.


Exercising and spending time in nature go hand-in-hand for me. To enter the god mode, you have to feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong. If one of these is absent, you can forget about the god mode. And everything starts with you feeling physically strong. A healthy spirit can only reside in a healthy body.

I never ever entered full god mode when I was extremely overweight. If you are overweight, I guess you can achieve a partial god mode, but it’s far from the full god mode. You don’t have to be already ultra-fit to achieve the god mode, but I think you definitely have to exercise regularly, and feel your physical power is increasing. On the other hand, you also have to be very careful not to overtrain.

Pushing yourself too far or injuring yourself is definitely a way to get yourself straight out of god mode. Any extreme for a longer period of time is toxic, and any toxicity or extreme for a longer period of time is the enemy of wellbeing.

The idea of god mode is to be in the perfect state of wellbeing.


Some of the things that kick me straight out of god mode are sugars, unhealthy fats, alcohol and overeating. That is probably 100% valid for everyone. Too much unhealthy food destroys the God mode.

I’m on a carb-cycling high protein diet, which suits me best for entering god mode, but every time I cross the limits with sugar intake (non-complex carbs), I come straight out of god mode right after the initial sugar spike. After the spike, I feel like I was hit by a train and not in any superior kind of state.

In the same way, I very quickly get kicked out of god mode if I eat fried food, unhealthy snacks or anything else that messes with my insulin levels or clogs up my body. Overeating, as one of my biggest weaknesses, is no different. It’s impossible to feel like you’re in a god-like state, if you have a completely full stomach and the only thing on your mind is to lie down and rest.

Alcohol (or any kind of drugs) is a tricky thing with god mode. It may give you a fake feeling of being in the god mode for a very short period of time. I guess that’s why people love alcohol and drugs so much. But despite this, the drug state a very different kind of state from the real god mode. As I mentioned, you can’t fake it until you make it.

The drug state compared with god mode doesn’t feel natural, it’s usually connected with partying, not following your True North, you know you’re doing damage to your body and you have to pay a big price after the high goes away, from hangover to addiction.

Food supplements

As an honest fact, it’s really hard for me to enter god mode if I’m not taking basic food supplements. In general, I follow an extremely healthy diet, eating more or less organic products, but I guess today’s food is just too impoverished to meet all the nutritional needs.

Here are the food supplements I take daily to enter god mode more easily:

  • Green smoothie (avocado, spinach, asparagus, etc.) with Ashwagandha and Curcumin
  • Green drink (blended green grasses)
  • Green tea
  • Omega-3 fatty acids with vitamin D
  • B-complex
  • Magnesium
  • Whey protein (after exercise)

I also take a few other supplements, but the ones listed above are mandatory for me to achieve the perfect state of wellbeing.

Enough material resources

In games where you’re playing in god mode, you usually also get access to unlimited resources – money, tools, technology etc. In real life, you don’t need unlimited resources, but I never achieved god mode, when I was drowning in debt or living from month to month.

The best financial advice, right next to spending less than you earn, is to have an emergency savings account for 6 – 12 of your monthly costs; it’s for emergency cases if any unexpected misfortune occurs that especially kicks you below the belt financially (like job loss).

Financial safety net relieves a lot of pressure, at least for me, and I assume it’s no different for many other people. And if you want to be in god mode, you mustn’t have any really severe and unhealthy pressure.

Meaningful and creative work

Work and creating are a big part of my personal identity, so there is no god mode for me without working on something meaningful, creating something awesome and being proud of my work. And again, I think that this isn’t valid only for me, but for all human beings.

We are here to grow, create and enjoy life, and I achieved god mode only when I was doing all three things as part of my ideal day. I was never in god mode while on a beach, playing volleyball and drinking beer.

But you can achieve that in many different forms. I was never in god mode wasting time on a beach, but I was in god mode while traveling far away from home, discovering interesting places with the person I love and mentally outlining the next article to be written. Love and work, work and love, that is all there is, as Freud said, and thus work is simply an important part of being in god mode.

A mandatory condition for entering god mode is definitely to do a job you’re good at, proud of and that you enjoy. You can’t be in god mode if you’re doing a job you hate or work you despise. You have to see and feel how you’re creating value for other people and are respected for it.

Deep relationships

Good relationships lead to heaven on Earth. Toxic relationships mean hell on Earth. If you want to be in god mode, you have to live heaven on Earth, of course. That means many healthy, supportive and encouraging relationships.

You need to have the best possible relationships with your primary family, with your spouse and your friends on the personal side of life. And you need encouraging and stable relationships with your boss, coworkers and mentors on the professional side.

Even a single toxic relationship can put you straight out of god mode.

It’s not about relationships being perfect (because relationships are never perfect) or not having any problems in relationships; it’s about relationships not being toxic, abusive and one-sided. There is a big difference between working with someone on constructively solving relationship problems with the goal of deepening a relationship, and suffering and torturing yourself in a toxic relationship.


You probably know the actual summary of Greek mythology and how the god of gods behaved. It goes something along the lines of: Zeus: I’m going to put my penis in it. Everyone: Don’t do it. Zeus: Too late.

Well, I’m just kidding a little bit, but passionate sex and intimacy can definitely help you enter god mode in a similar way like nature does.


The last condition for entering god mode for me is having extraordinary faith in myself and life. The god mode is not about a complete absence of problems and challenges and everything miraculously solving itself. I never entered god mode when there was no real challenge waiting for me, a challenge that was slightly more demanding than my abilities.

That’s the big difference between the god mode in games and the god mode in real life. To be in god mode in real life, you need a challenge – a challenge just big enough to enable you to grow personally. And you definitely need it too. Nevertheless, facing challenges and personal growth must be driven by strong faith.

It’s about believing that you’re able to conquer all the challenges, creatively solve all the problems thrown at you, and that all things will turn out okay for you.

Without extraordinary faith there is no god, and there is no god mode for you, whether you are religious or not (btw, having extraordinary faith in yourself doesn’t conflict with believing in god). Faith gives you the power to face all the challenges of life, no matter how difficult they are.

If you want to do extraordinary things in life, you have to extraordinarily believe in yourself.

Get yourself in the god mode

As you can see, I do have a rough idea of how to get myself into the god mode. My current challenge is to increase the amount of time I spend in the god mode from 10% to 15% and then all the way up to around 30% or even more. Being in god mode is really one of the best feelings ever. You want to really live life, not only exist. You want your life to be a daring adventure, you don’t want to only work to pay your bills and then die. You don’t want to be a zombie.


Thus I encourage you to sit down and brainstorm all the conditions you assume you have to meet to enter god mode. Then start experimenting, adding and taking things off your list, until you finally achieve god mode, even if only for a short period of time. Then try to replicate it over and over again, and experiment even further until you really understand what rockets you straight into this superior feeling of living.

Enter your combination for the god mode and start really living your life!

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