There are only two types of problems

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There are only two types of problems you can have in life – the real ones and the sweet ones. Well, I’m exaggerating to make a point, but it’s not far from the truth. These are the two extremes that you can find yourself in, and each brings a completely different set of problems.

Here are examples of the real problems and the sweet problems:

Having no money or having too much money. Getting no attention from the opposite gender or getting too much attention. Not training at all or simply training too much, because you’re addicted to it. You’re either too happy and can’t get drunk enough on life or you’re sad every day.

Balance is what everyone should absolutely strive for, but that isn’t how the world works. Everything accumulates and everything concentrates in life.

Wealth accumulates. Fame concentrates. Happiness consolidates. Success brings success. The minority of people at the top get most of the sexual, media or any other kind of attention. And vice-versa applies. Health problems multiply. Financial problems can easily enlarge. A collapse in one area of life usually also collapses other areas.

Two problems in life

Let’s go into the details of different life areas to find additional arguments for the “two types of problems” statement.


Year after year, you see the same people in the gym. In January, a few new people join, but February stabilizes again with the newcomers dropping out.

Rarely does a new nutcase come who is persistent enough after January or any other first month of training. And even then it’s usually someone who changed their gym or someone, rarely, very rarely, who really decided to do something for their fitness life.

The hard, real problem is faced by people who don’t do any sports at all. They have poor aerobic and anaerobic performance, maybe they’re even getting fat and their posture weakens, and soon that brings a much lower quality of life with many health problems.In the gym

The problem of the other group, the group with the sweet problems, is spending too much time in the gym. Their problem is that they get addicted to training. They just can’t stop.

But with the sweet problems also come many benefits – better health, better looks, usually a more thriving social life with the gym buddies, and so on. As long as you make sure you don’t get injured or burn out.

It’s no different with the diet. You have people who pay way too much attention to what they eat, when they eat, how much they eat etc., and people who don’t bother at all with their diet; and they aren’t necessarily fat. They just eat the standard diet.

The problem of the latter is not paying any attention to the diet, and the problem of the former is feeling guilty and beating themselves up if they eat a small piece of chocolate.

But if you’re in the group that pays attention to their diet, you probably enjoy way better health (if you are not really over obsessed). The benefits of paying close attention to your diet are huge, from much higher levels of energy and a better‑looking body to avoiding common diseases like diabetes, caused by excessive sugar consumption.

When you have to face sweet life problems, you’re enjoying many benefits at the same time.


Wealth is the most obvious one. The majority of people don’t have enough money. They’re drowning in debt and live from month to month. And that’s around 80 % population or even more.

Wealth concentrates

Than you have the richest few percent. One really rich individual, I don’t remember who, said that you’re really rich when it’s impossible to count all the money and assets that you have. The problem of rich people is too much money.

They have no idea where to invest, because good investments are rare. They have to face “sweet” problems of where to put their money so they don’t make huge losses. It may be a sweet problem, but it’s still a problem. But when you’re dealing with that kind of problems, you can also enjoy life with the money you have or do a lot of good with it.

To me, that was quite an awesome realization. You can have a problem of having too much money. Is that even possible? Well, yes it is.


I think you probably vividly remember the times in primary or high school when 90 % of the guys/girls were in love with that one person of the opposite gender. That definitely isn’t fair distribution. One person takes the majority and the rest get almost nothing.

90% of the girls in my class were in love with one single guy. Unfortunately that wasn’t me.

The same thing happens with attention as it does with health and money. In the same way, you can have two problems in life – no attention or too much attention. Fame concentrates, because beauty is a rare thing given only to a few. It’s just how it is.

Get yourself on the right side

Well, one thing is for sure – you don’t want to have the real problems in life, you want the sweet ones. You want to put yourself on the right side of the equation, where success starts to accumulate and brings even more success into your life.

You want your health to flourish, you want your money to make more money, and you want to take good care of yourself so your charisma can be seen from a thousand miles.

It’s not about greed. You have to be healthy in order to provide value and create. Health is your greatest asset. If you’re ill, others have to take care of you. In the same way, you don’t want to be drowning in debt and deal with the anxiety that comes with it.

You want to have enough resources, so you can enjoy life and, even more importantly, invest in your ideas and other ideas that are making the world a better place. And you want enough attention so you can more easily connect and create with other people.

The right question is not why things are as they are, but what you can do about it.

When you start taking good care of these life areas, you can soon find yourself in a much better position than you hoped, because of the accumulation and concentration rule. But you don’t have to be greedy and keep it all for yourself. You can be satisfied with good enough goals and you can share your surpluses with others. You can do so much good when you have a lot and you’re in the position of power.

The hard road becomes easy with time and the easy road becomes hard. The hard road is the one that leads to sweet problems in life. The easy road is the one that leads to real problems in life.

Real problems that lead to you being poor, ill or forgotten, where you are nothing but a zombie. Real problems only grow bigger if you don’t pay any attention to them, and sweet problems start appearing when you make positive changes in life.

BTW, want to know how you get yourself on the right side of the equation? Well, follow the formula of massive success.

Regret Minimization Framework

It’s not easy, but it’s not that hard either

The purpose of this article is to show you the other reality and open your mind to the abundance mindset.

People have problems with having too much money, not knowing where to invest it. Imagine, having too much money. People really have problems with getting too much attention, when everybody wants to be their friend or lover. And they aren’t only supermodels.

With the right life strategy, hard work and smart work, you can also have all that. Even more, your duty is to get yourself into the abundance state and then do good with the resources you have, be it health, wealth, relationships or anything else. You are here to create, experience and enjoy life. You need resources for that.

And it’s not rocket science. Exercise. Pay attention to your diet. Develop your personal style and charisma. Provide value to the markets, something that is in great demand and short supply. Be more of a producer than a consumer and don’t buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like with money you don’t have (debt). Build deep and honest relationships. Become the best version of yourself and share your surpluses to leave a better world behind.

Trust the process and you will get yourself on the right side of the equation.

There’s a small step that can take you back to the wrong side

The last thing worth mentioning is that sweet problems can turn into real, hard ones really fast. One bad investment too many and you can find yourself on the wrong side. One push too hard in the gym and you may be down with an injury or a burnout.

You have to be smart when you’re at the bottom, when you’re climbing to the top and when you’re at the top. Things never get easier; you always have to get better. And you have to know how to manage your massive success and not go crazy (according to the success formula).

Always remember that we know the comfort zone, the learning zone and the panic zone. And we know good decisions and bad decisions. No matter how successful you are, these three zones always exist and the probability of making bad decisions in the panic zone skyrockets. Even if you’re super rich, super healthy or super famous, many of the panic zones still exist.

You most often enter the panic zone by being clueless, taking too much on yourself, becoming cocky and not following or stop following a carefully orchestrated process – the process of taking calculated risks, setting a superior strategy, working as smart as possible and, last but not least, investing daily hard work to be on the right side of the equation.

Which one of the two types of problems you want to deal with?

I am sure the answer is with the sweet ones.

Work hard so your real-life hard problems will become the sweet ones – like having too much money or getting too much attention or whatever you want.

My current sweet problem is that I have too many things in my reading queue and too many ideas for what to write and share with you. It’s a sweet problem and I like it.

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