A list of 500+ personal development blogs

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A list of 500+ personal development blogs

I’m kind of obsessed with personal development and psychology. I don’t only read books every day for hours, I also pay attention to the best articles published on blogs. I love to follow and connect with other bloggers and share their best ideas.

It’s very important to me to spread the best knowledge. Thus, I prepared myself a list of all relevant personal development blogs. Some of them I follow in my newsfeed, others on social networks or through a mailing list.

Now I want to share the list of all the personal development blogs I found out there with you. I am sure you’re always interested in new content, outside of the scope of this blog as well. I decided not to rank the blogs by my favorites and liking, but by a more or less objective metric – Alexarank (December 2016).

I’ve also created a Twitter list of all the bloggers that had their Twitter profile published on the website. Enjoy the list and reading other personal development blogs.

500 personal development blogs

Personal development blogs

Here is the list of 500+ personal development blogs, ranked by AlexaRank:


Website URL Blogger Alexa Score
Evernote Blog blog.evernote.com / 344
Lifehacker lifehacker.com / 664
TED Blog blog.ted.com / 867
Life Hack lifehack.org / 2,205
Psychology Today psychologytoday.com / 2,390
Thought Catalog thoughtcatalog.com / 2,571
The Muse themuse.com/advice/ / 4,318
Elite Daily elitedaily.com / 4,915
Greatist greatist.com / 6,299
MindBodyGreen mindbodygreen.com / 7,154
PsychCentral psychcentral.com/blog/ / 7,711
MindTools mindtools.com / 8,463
The Art of Manliness artofmanliness.com / 8,596
Wait but Why waitbutwhy.com Tim Urban 10,164
Your Tango yourtango.com / 10,700
Brain Pickings brainpickings.org Maria Popova 10,781
Collective Evolution collective-evolution.com / 11,054
Four Hour Work Week fourhourworkweek.com Tim Ferriss 11,085
Aeon aeon.co / 13,733
Tai Lopez tailopez.com Tai Lopez 14,321
Skills You Need skillsyouneed.com / 15,969
Success Blog success.com / 16,978
Tiny Buddha tinybuddha.com Lori Deschene 17,965
I will teach you to be rich iwillteachyoutoberich.com Ramit Sethi 22,520
Anthony Robbins tonyrobbins.com/blog/ Anthony Robbins 24,987
Self-Growth selfgrowth.com / 25,471
Mark Manson markmanson.net Mark Manson 25,676
Brian Tracy Blog briantracy.com/blog/ Brian Tracy 26,100
Zen Habits zenhabits.net Leo Babauta 26,913
James Clear jamesclear.com James Clear 27,665
Smart Passive Income smartpassiveincome.com Patt Flynn 29,644
Nerd Fitness nerdfitness.com Steve Kamb 30,425
ProBlogger problogger.net Darren Rowse 30,549
Michael Hyatt’s Intentional Leadership michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt 31,682
Marks Daily Apple marksdailyapple.com Mark Sisson 31,947
James Altucher jamesaltucher.com James Altucher 33,895
Good Men Project goodmenproject.com Lisa Hickey 36,401
Farnam Street farnamstreetblog.com Shane Parrish 37,307
Seth Godin sethgodin.typepad.com Seth Godin 38,317
Chris Kresser chriskresser.com Chris Kresser 39,870
Addicted2Success addicted2success.com Joel Brown 41,288
The Positivity blog positivityblog.com Henrik Edberg 43,346
Marie Forleo marieforleo.com Marie Forleo 43,515
Fizzle fizzle.co Corbett Barr 44,098
RSD Nation rsdnation.com Tyler Tervooren 45,446
Gary Vaynerchuck garyvaynerchuk.com Gary Vaynerchuck 47,716
Muscle for life muscleforlife.com Michael Matthews 48,525
Goins Writer goinswriter.com Jeff Goins 49,270
Barking Up the Wrong Tree bakadesuyo.com Eric Barker 50,054
Social Triggers socialtriggers.com Derek Halpern 51,726
Pick the Brain pickthebrain.com/blog/ John Wesly 52,272
Keep Inspiring Me keepinspiring.me / 52,317
Marc and Angel Hack Life marcandangel.com Marc and Angel 52,796
Dumb Little Man dumblittleman.com Jay White 53,191
Entrepreneurs Journey entrepreneurs-journey.com Yaro Starak 53,256
Psy Blog spring.org.uk Jeremy Dean 54,050
Becoming Minimalist becomingminimalist.com Joshua Becker 58,453
Steve Pavlina stevepavlina.com Steve Pavlina 59,386
Personal Excellence personalexcellence.co Celestine Chua 60,910
My Wife Quit Her Job mywifequitherjob.com Steve Chou 61,966
PositiveMed positivemed.com / 63,551
Scott H Young scotthyoung.com Scott Young 66,734
The Minimalists theminimalists.com Joshua Fields 69,192
Get Rich Slowly getrichslowly.org/blog/ / 70,350
Robin Sharma robinsharma.com Robin Sharma 72,188
Learning Mind learning-mind.com / 73,473
Live Bold and Bloom liveboldandbloom.com Barrie Davenport 77,293
Project Life Mastery projectlifemastery.com Stefan Pylarinos 77,513
Derek Sivers sivers.org Derek Sivers 77,643
Sparring Mind sparringmind.com / 80,055
Science of People scienceofpeople.com Vanessa Van Edwards 81,198
Bold & Determined boldanddetermined.com Victor Pride 82,621
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life stevenaitchison.co.uk/blog/ Steven Aitchison 83,125
Cal Newport calnewport.com Cal Newport 83,129
Be Brain Fit bebrainfit.com Deane Alban 85,968
College Info Geek collegeinfogeek.com Thomas Frank 86,753
Aha-Now! aha-now.com Harleena Singh 91,304
Write to Done writetodone.com Mary Jaksch 93,593
No Meat Athlete nomeatathlete.com Matt Frazier 95,041
Actualized actualized.org Leo Gura 100,325
Wingman Magazine get-a-wingman.com Patrick Banks 100,441
Success Consciousness successconsciousness.com Remez Sasson 108,692
Career Girl Daily careergirldaily.com / 109,840
Asian Efficiency asianefficiency.com Aaron Lynn 110,018
Everyday Power everydaypowerblog.com Jeff Moore 110,446
MenProvement menprovement.com Sean Russel 112,847
The Paleo Mom thepaleomom.com Sarah Ballantyne 113,799
Jack Canfield jackcanfield.com/blog/ Jack Canfield 114,272
Danielle LaPorte daniellelaporte.com Danielle LaPorte 115,547
Penelope Trunk penelopetrunk.com Penelope Trunk 118,605
Motivation Grid motivationgrid.com Chris Nikolov 123,559
Daring to Live Fully daringtolivefully.com Marelisa Fabrega 124,366
Develop Good Habits developgoodhabits.com SJ Scott 129,344
Early to Rise earlytorise.com Craig Ballantyne 131,228
Leadership Insights skipprichard.com Skip Prichard 131,304
Live Your Legend liveyourlegend.net Scott Dinsmore 134,860
Planet of Success planetofsuccess.com Steve Mueller 135,523
Art of Non-Conformity chrisguillebeau.com Chrisguille Beau 137,948
Daily Good dailygood.org / 138,039
Gretchen Rubin gretchenrubin.com Gretchen Rubin 138,739
Robb Wolf robbwolf.com/blog/ Robb Wolf 139,973
Facile Things facilethings.com/blog/en/ / 143,171
Uncommon Help uncommonhelp.me Mark Tyrell 143,360
Ryan Holiday ryanholiday.net Ryan Holiday 147,277
YFS Magazine yfsmagazine.com / 150,524
GTD gettingthingsdone.com David Allen 151,190
Life Optimizer lifeoptimizer.org Donald Latumahina 153,427
Wealthy Gorilla wealthygorilla.com / 154,797
Lessons Learned In Life lessonslearnedinlife.com / 155,010
Sources of Insight sourcesofinsight.com J.D. Meier 161,216
Be More With Less bemorewithless.com Courtney Carver 166,343
John Maxwell johnmaxwell.com/blog/ John Maxwell 172,101
NavidMoazzez navidmoazzez.com Navid Moazzez 175,112
Purpose Fairy purposefairy.com Luminita D. Saviuc 177,698
The Change Blog thechangeblog.com Peter Clemens 181,338
Benjamin Hardy benjaminhardy.com Benjamun Hardy 184,134
Vidya Sury vidyasury.com Vidya Sury 190,722
Brain Blogger brainblogger.com Shaheen Lakhan 195,175
Dr Prem drprem.com Dr Prem Jagyasi 199,252
A Life of Productivity alifeofproductivity.com Chris Bailey 204,314
Paulo Coelho paulocoelhoblog.com Paulo Coelho 204,337
Raptitude raptitude.com David Cain 210,085
The Daily Positive thedailypositive.com / 210,430
Productivityist productivityist.com Mike Vardy 213,050
Start of Happiness startofhappiness.com Brendan Baker 213,304
Time Management Ninja timemanagementninja.com Craig Jarrow 219,767
Psychology of Eating psychologyofeating.com Marc David 225,087
Erin Pavlina erinpavlina.com/blog/ Erin Pavlina 225,548
Unclutterer unclutterer.com PJ Donald 226,296
Lite Mind litemind.com Luciano Passuello 226,869
Roman Fitness romanfitnesssystems.com John Romaniello 229,983
Dai Manuel daimanuel.com Dai Manuel 234,999
Prolific Living prolificliving.com Farnoosh Brock 236,035
Gala Darling galadarling.com Gala Darling 237,102
Everyday Gyaan everydaygyaan.com Corinne Rodrigues 239,586
Impossible HQ impossiblehq.com Joel Runyon 240,932
Paul Minors paulminors.com Paul Minors 241,442
GetSelfHelp getselfhelp.co.uk / 244,388
Scott Berkun scottberkun.com Scott Berkun 248,294
Leaving Work Behind leavingworkbehind.com Tom Ewer 250,908
FinerMinds finerminds.com Andrea Vega 254,094
Wake Up Cloud wakeupcloud.com Henri Junttila 254,319
Richard Step richardstep.com Richard Step 256,750
Deepak Chopra deepakchopra.com Deepak Chopra 266,240
Productive Flourishing productiveflourishing.com Charlie Gilkey 271,668
Not Salmon notsalmon.com/blog/ Karen Salmansohn 271,793
Darius Foroux dariusforoux.com Darius Foroux 274,735
Paid to Exist paidtoexist.com Jonathan Mead 278,221
Time management Chef timemanagementchef.com Tor Refsland 279,182
Life Long Learner life-longlearner.com Scott Britton 279,886
Fuck It eff-it-helps.com John C. Parkin 281,223
Good Life Zen goodlifezen.com Mary Jaksch 281,552
Louis Hay louisehay.com Louise Hay 284,582
Positively Positive positivelypositive.com / 287,040
Productivity 501 productivity501.com Mark Shead 288,135
Mind Hacks mindhacks.com Tom Stafford 289,312
Tynan tynan.com Tynan 290,675
Simple Marriage simplemarriage.net Corey Allan 292,272
Inspiyr inspiyr.com Dan Cassidy 293,426
Think Simple Now thinksimplenow.com Tina Su 295,966
Sylvia Nenuccio sylvianenuccio.com Sylviane Nuccio 301,103
Positive Sharing positivesharing.com Alexander Kjerulf 307,320
Productivity 501 productivity501.com/blog/ Mark Shead 308,061
Feeling Success feelingsuccess.com / 308,917
Advanced Life Skills advancedlifeskills.com Jonathan Wells 313,250
Alden Tan alden-tan.com Alden Tan 321,957
Daniel Pink danpink.com Daniel Pink 322,312
Yoga Dork yogadork.com / 325,211
Wayne Dyrer drwaynedyer.com Wayne Dyrer 326,448
To Write Love on Her Arms twloha.com/blog/ / 328,051
Magnetic Memory Method magneticmemorymethod.com Anthony Metivier 332,002
The Emotion Machine theemotionmachine.com Steven Handel 334,655
A Daring Adventure adaringadventure.com Tim Brownson 349,456
Switch and Shift switchandshift.com Mark Babbitt and Shawn Murphy 352,221
Chris Winfield chriswinfield.com Chris Winfield 356,612
Just be Real justbereal.co.uk Theo Ellis 358,269
Riskology riskology.co Tyler Tervooren 362,917
Putty Like puttylike.com Emilie Wapnick 369,704
Get Busy Living getbusylivingblog.com Benny Hsu 373,760
Living an Awesome Life sachachua.com/blog/ Sacha Chua 381,298
The Blissful Mind theblissfulmind.com Catherine Beard 382,343
Bullet Proof Exec bulletproofexec.com Dave Asprey 383,612
No sidebar nosidebar.com / 385,669
Optimize optimize.me Brian Johnson 391,431
Run to the Finish runtothefinish.com Amanda Brooks 392,404
Sid Savara sidsavara.com Sid Savara 397,021
Jonathan Fields jonathanfields.com Jonathan Fields 402,074
Positively Present positivelypresent.com Dani DiPirro 405,462
Darren Hardy darrenhardy.com Darren Hardy 409,006
Be a Light To The World awazieikechi.com Ikechi Awazie 412,278
About Meditation aboutmeditation.com Tom Bershard 419,869
Dave Seah davidseah.com Dave Seah 422,004
Erupting Mind eruptingmind.com Martin 426,260
Christine Kane christinekane.com Christine Kane 428,168
I need motivation ineedmotivation.com / 432,600
Positive Writer positivewriter.com Bryan Hutchinso 451,554
People Skills Decoded peopleskillsdecoded.com Eduard Ezeanu 451,612
Work Awesome workawesome.com Tina Su 458,437
Growth Guided growthguided.com Kael 465,303
Motivation for Dreamers motivation-for-dreamers.com Moses Simuyemba 466,436
Get Motivation getmotivation.com Josh Hinds 468,891
The Feel-Good Lifestyle thefeelgoodlifestyle.com Phil Drolet 477,914
Mrs. Mindfulness mrsmindfulness.com Mellissa O’Brien 481,540
Start Gaining Momentum startgainingmomentum.com Ludvig Sunstrom 487,767
mnmList mnmlist.com Leo Babauta 488,626
Mastin Kipp mastinkipp.com Mastin Kipp 490,564
Lead from Within lollydaskal.com Lolly Daskal 510,627
AgileLeanLife agileleanlife.com Blaz Kos 512,375
Olive Lantern olivelantern.com Danii Turnbull 529,661
Dragos Roua dragosroua.com Dragos Roua 532,112
Charles Specht charlesspecht.com Charles Specht 538,422
Right Attitudes rightattitudes.com Nagesh Belludi 550,414
Deep Existence stephenguise.com Stephen Guise 555,017
Tipsographic tipsographic.com / 558,328
The Unmistakable Creative unmistakablecreative.com Srinivas Rao 562,355
Talent Develop talentdevelop.com Douglas Eby 569,244
RS.io rs.io Robert Seaton 591,620
Always Well Within alwayswellwithin.com Sandra Pawula 596,775
Your Life Your Way yourlifeyourway.net Tia Sparkles 613,089
Lefkoe Institute mortylefkoe.com Morty Lefkoe 622,002
Sam Thomas Davies samuelthomasdavies.com Sam Thomas Davies 626,202
Embrace Possibility embracepossibility.com Robert Chen 626,645
Mr Fire blog.mrfire.com Joe Vitale 629,185
Embracing Simple Blog embracingsimpleblog.com Christina Tipea 631,436
Simple Mindfulness simplemindfulness.com/blog/ Paige Burkes 638,601
The Bridge Maker thebridgemaker.com Alex Blackwell 672,054
The Charged Life brendonburchard.com Brendon Burchard 673,776
Deliberate Receiving deliberateblog.com Melody Fletcher 699,399
Soul Speak jodichapman.com Jodi Chapman 699,534
The Daily Mind thedailymind.com / 706,676
The Bold Life theboldlife.com Tess Marshall 733,791
Brad Aronson bradaronson.com Brad Aronson 733,872
Get in The Spot getinthehotspot.com Annabel Candy 733,932
Strictly Stress Management strictly-stress-management.com Jill Prince 741,564
Abundance Tapestry evelynlim.com Evelyn Lym 742,450
The 7 Minute Life the7minutelife.com Allyson Lewis 744,998
Mitchell Harper mitchellharper.me Mitchell Harper 752,380
Christy Whitman christywhitman.com Christy Whitman 753,366
Jonathan Milligan jonathanmilligan.com Jonathan Milligan 755,864
Freedom from the Known freedomfromtheknown.com Ivan Campuzano 760,058
Charlie Hoehn charliehoehn.com Charlie Hoehn 761,057
Spiritual Awakening Process spiritualawakeningprocess.com Jim Tolles 777,327
Brian Kim briankim.net Brain Kim 798,145
Will’s personal development show for asian millennials willyoulaugh.com Will Chou 797,874
Exile Lifestyle exilelifestyle.com Colin Wright 798,949
Happier Human happierhuman.com Amit Amin 800,421
Simple Life Strategies simplelifestrategies.com Zoë B 828,383
Ali Brown alibrown.com/blog/ Ali Brown 829,062
Meant to be Happy meanttobehappy.com Ken Wert 834,684
The Productivity Pro theproductivitypro.com Laura Stack 840,209
Practical Wisdom gailbrenner.com Gail Brenner 841,434
Rethinking the now yanngirard.typepad.com Yann Girard 842,596
Motivational Memo motivationalmemo.com Peter James 842,717
The Productivity Pro theproductivitypro.com/blog/ Laura Stack 843,473
The Eureka Life theeurekalife.com Swati Chauhan 859,930
Sebastian Marshall sebastianmarshall.com Sebastian Marshall 867,794
LoneMind lonemind.com / 867,958
Self Stairway selfstairway.com Vincent Nguyen 884,206
Corbett Barr corbettbarr.com Corbett Barr 890,918
Personal Success Today personalsuccesstoday.com John W. Richardson 892,529
Unlimited Choice unlimitedchoice.org/blog/ Amit Sodha 897,169
Regain Your Time regainyourtime.com Maura Nevel Thomas 904,842
Smart Twenties smart-twenties.com Sam 912,944
Thrilling Heroics thrillingheroics.com/blog/ Stefan Molyneux 914,252
Do Something Cool dosomethingcool.net Steve Bloom 917,070
Dare & Conquer dareandconquer.com Damian Pros 922,103
Jocelyn K. Glei jkglei.com Jocelyn K. Glei 941,238
Life Made to Order livelifemadetoorder.com Kelli Cooper 944,775
Work Happy Now workhappynow.com Karl Staib 952,141
More Love Letters moreloveletters.com Hannah Brencher 952,706
Stunning Motivation stunningmotivation.com Shawn Lim 982,872
The Utopian Life theutopianlife.com Thai Nguyen 1,002,804
Life After College lifeaftercollege.org/blog/ Jenny Blake 1,046,568
Am I Hungry amihungry.com/mindful-eating-resources/blog/ Michelle May 1,047,919
Naisha Moodley nishamoodley.com/blog/ Naisha Moodley 1,055,522
Flipping Heck flippingheck.com Katy Whitton 1,063,685
Forward Steps forwardstepsblog.com Thea Westra 1,066,846
Dan’s Plan blog.dansplan.com Dan Pardi 1,089,428
Kate Northrup katenorthrup.com Kate Northrup 1,089,998
Live A Life You Love livealifeyoulove.com Boni Lonnsburry 1,094,199
One With Now onewithnow.com Manal Ghosain 1,103,126
All Things Blog allthings.io/blog/ Maria Drummond 1,106,532
Positive Provocations positiveprovocations.com Zeenat Merchant-Syal 1,116,659
Fierce Gentelman fiercegentleman.com Andrew Long 1,122,641
Aspiring Mind aspiringmind.com / 1,127,048
Happy Melly happymelly.com / 1,129,687
Your Brain Health yourbrainhealth.com.au Sarah McKay 1,145,436
The Invisible Mentor theinvisiblementor.com Avil Beckford 1,148,016
Collegetopia collegetopia.co Stefano Ganddini 1,163,123
No More Holding Back nomoreholdingback.com Larry Hochman 1,201,013
Ponbee ponbee.com Brian Zeng 1,211,439
Arvind Devalia arvinddevalia.com/blog/ Arvind Devalia 1,212,697
Productivity Theory productivitytheory.com Kayla Matthews 1,213,556
Kind Over Matter kindovermatter.com Lara Heacock 1,216,411
Want 2 Discover want2discover.com Bastiaan & Chantalle 1,221,480
Self-Changing selfchanging.com Mosab Alkhteb 1,230,405
Every Day Paleo sarahfragoso.com Sarah Fragoso 1,250,789
Powered by Intuition poweredbyintuition.com Angela Artemis 1,252,932
Cloud Productivity cloudproductivity.net Jeremy Roberts 1,259,814
In Wealth / Health inwealthandhealth.com Jessa Leona 1,281,398
Belmont Wellness belmontwellness.com Judy Belmont 1,296,984
The Happiest Home thehappiesthome.com Megan Feancis 1,304,193
Launch Your Genius launchyourgenius.com Haris Kumar 1,306,431
The Manifest Station themanifeststation.net Jennifer Pastiloff 1,307,086
Rowdy Kittens rowdykittens.com Tammy Strobel 1,311,626
Abiola TV sacredbombshell.com Abiola Abrams 1,316,622
Practical Personal Development alexshalman.com Alex Shalman 1,320,129
Techno Theory technotheory.com Jared Goralnick 1,331,537
Johnny B Truant johnnybtruant.com Johnny B Truant 1,332,028
Everyday Bright everydaybright.com Jennifer Gresham 1,339,796
Self-Improvement Tips selfimprovement.org / 1,340,806
Mazzastick mazzastick.com Justin Mazza 1,365,429
Self Help Daily selfhelpdaily.com / 1,376,327
Healthy Lifestyle Living healthylifestylesliving.com Larry Lewis 1,386,554
The Master Shift themastershift.com / 1,398,520
Jessica Lawlor jessicalawlor.com Jessica Lawor 1,398,610
PatrickKing Consulting patrickkingconsulting.com Patric King 1,418,684
The Un-Lost theunlost.com Therese Schwenkler 1,419,772
Vishnu’s Virtues vishnusvirtues.com Vishnu 1,430,034
The Dream Catcher thedreamcatch.com Seline Shenoy 1,436,997
The Possibility of Today possibilityoftoday.com Sibyl Chavis 1,435,891
Time Zillionaire timezillionaire.com Michael Husmann 1,437,743
Michael Sliwinski sliwinski.com Michael Sliwinski 1,454,976
Married with Luggage anunclutteredlife.com Warren Talbot 1,466,813
Life Without Pants lifewithoutpants.com Matt Cheuvront 1,496,168
Eight to be greath richardstjohn.com/blog/ Richard St. John 1,537,114
Psycholocrazy psycholocrazy.com Jamie Flexman 1,610,147
Learn This learnthis.ca Mike King 1,627,484
The Self-Help Hipster theselfhelphipster.com Lianne Kay 1,631,938
Write Change Grow writechangegrow.com Thea Easterby 1,648,782
Mentality WOD mentalitywod.com Dawn Fletcher 1,744,383
Breath of Optimism breathofoptimism.com Donald Dulin 1,753,002
Midway Simplicity midwaysimplicity.com Mohamed Tohami 1,774,404
People Equation people-equation.com Jennifer Miller 1,800,292
Superhero Life superherolife.com Andrea Scher 1,814,967
The List Producer listproducer.com Paula Rizzo 1,840,803
The Inspired Transformation Blog theinspiredtransformation.com Naomi Teeter 1,844,000
Sensophy sensophy.com Jacob Sokol 1,855,658
Ian’s Messy Desk ismckenzie.com Ian McKenzie 1,880,050
Road to Epic roadtoepic.com Adam Wik 1,893,867
Tiffany Han Coaching tiffanyhan.com/blog/ Tiffany Han 1,897,926
Genius Types geniustypes.com / 1,901,528
Operation Beautiful operationbeautiful.com Caitlin Boyle 1,947,386
Brainwave Love brainwavelove.com Ashton Aiden 1,963,176
Dani Shapiro danishapiro.com Dani Shapiro 1,972,922
Mr Self-Development mrselfdevelopment.com / 2,024,430
Zen Mama zen-mama.com Betsy Henry 2,073,054
Make Peace annesophie.us Anne Sophie 2,106,265
Mary Chatherine Starr marycatherinestarr.com Mary Chatherine Starr 2,134,951
Soul Seeds soulseeds.com Ian Lawton 2,135,118
Embrace the Chaos embracethechaos.com Bob Miglani 2,172,381
Inspiration from The Heart suziecheel.com Suzie Cheel 2,219,555
All Things Workplace allthingsworkplace.com Steve Roesler 2,232,043
Lucid Ability lucidability.com Jamie Alexander 2,233,698
Life Learning Today lifelearningtoday.com Kris Stone 2,235,311
Positively Happy positivelyhappy.me Laura Tong 2,252,844
Dan Black on Leadership danblackonleadership.info Dan Black 2,259,021
Confidence coach confidence.coach Steve Errey 2,381,940
Krant Cents krantcents.com Larry Krant 2,394,241
In Pursuit of Happiness inpursuitofhappiness.net Britt Reints 2,567,981
Life Coach on the Go lifecoachonthego.com/blog/ Emma-Louise Elsey 2,672,535
Miz Meliz mizmeliz.com Miz Meliz 2,673,365
Ririan Project ririanproject.com Ririan 2,677,106
Chill Pill chillpill.io/blog/ Hien Lam 2,725,326
Ready 2 Bloom hollyworton.com Holly Worton 2,746,642
A Boundless World aboundlessworld.com Bud Hennekes 2,787,136
Simona Rich simonarich.com Simona Rich 2,794,145
Maria Erving mariaerving.com Maria Erving 2,835,262
Simple Productivity Blog simpleproductivityblog.com LJ Earnest 2,838,927
The Eblin Group eblingroup.com Scott Eblin 2,914,534
Getting Results the Agile Way gettingresults.com J.D. Meier 2,937,870
Life Reboot lifereboot.com Shaun Boyd 2,979,055
Cranking Widgets blog.crankingwidgets.com Brett Kelly 3,012,656
Coaching Confidence coachingconfidence.co.uk Jen Waller 3,028,434
Visionary Leadership lisapetrilli.com Lisa Petrilli 3,046,533
Less Ordinary Living lessordinaryliving.com Phil Bolton 3,080,624
Uncommon Sense uncommonsense.is Jordan Phoenix 3,084,680
Zoe McKey zoemckey.com Zoe McKey 3,169,920
Medical Marzipan maraglatzel.com Mara Glatzel 3,239,372
Play with the World playwiththeworld.com Shannon Kaiser 3,251,069
Steve Olson steve-olson.com Steve Olson 3,296,007
Brett Hoebel bretthoebel.com Brett Hoebel 3,342,483
Motivation to Move motivationtomove.com Scott and Joi Smith 3,418,610
I am Ruby iamru.by Ruby Fremon 3,482,410
John Place johnplaceonline.com John Place 3,588,885
Wishing Well Coach wishingwellcoach.com Jessica Sweet 3,596,774
Grace Marshall grace-marshall.com Grace Marshall 3,626,072
Scott Nesbitt scottnesbitt.net Scott Nesbitt 3,631,092
The Productivity Expert theproductivity.expert Nicole Bandes 3,646,087
Health Money Success healthmoneysuccess.com Vincent Tan 3,800,134
2 Achieve your goals 2achieveyourgoals.com Dai Thabet 3,801,283
A Call to Action acalltoaction.net Trevor Wilson 3,847,659
Jungle of Life jungleoflife.com Lence Ekum 3,919,996
Rbitzer rbitzer.com Rebecca Bitzer 3,946,127
Ellen Bard ellenbard.com/blog/ Ellen Bard 4,124,381
Art of Change blog.theartofchange.com Rick Kirchen 4,214,398
Pajama Productivity pajamaproductivity.com Annie Sisk 4,274,035
Jo Casey jocasey.com Jo Casey 4,323,603
Inspirational Blog About Success anubhavsrivastava.com Anubhav Srivastava 4,369,739
17000Days 17000-days.com/blog/ Cara Stein 4,383,955
Phil Newton philnewton.net Phil Newton 4,388,970
NJ Life Hacks njlifehacks.com Nils Salzgeber 4,455,767
Feel Gooder feelgooder.com Darren Rowse 4,487,830
Hillary Rettig hillaryrettig.com Hillary Rettig 4,532,049
The One Question theonequestion.com/blog/ Peep Laja 4,717,194
meditationSHIFT thetadprinciple.com Jon Andre 4,742,092
Even Happier evenhappier.com Marco Adragna 4,763,441
My Year of Data myyearofdata.wordpress.com Chris Volinsky 4,903,104
The Self Discovery Retreat theselfdiscoveryretreat.com Arianna Merritt 4,970,149
The Confidence Lounge aaronmorton.co Aaron Morton 5,003,630
The Productivity Experts theproductivityexperts.com Cathy Sexton 5,017,760
Animity Health animityhealth.com Victor Schueller 5,064,110
Bounce thebounceblog.com Bobbi Emel 5,204,657
Practice This practicethis.com Alik Levin 5,246,711
Whole Life Productivity wholelifeproductivity.com EJ Warnest 5,287,768
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About the author

Consulting and management coaching

Blaž Kos has managed venture capital investments over the past 12 years and participated in the development of the start-up ecosystem in the region. Today, he advises companies on growth strategies, process optimization, the introduction of lean agile methods and the digitalization of business. In addition to the Slovenian blog, he also writes an English blog, which was selected among the 50 best bloggers in the world in the category of personal and business growth.
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